Friday, October 24, 2008


Just yesterday I drove down to Kentucky with Aunt Shaga and Abby. Because of this I got to miss 2 days of school. So day one: we left at about 9:am and drove, and drove, and drove, and drove, for a long time. After a while we stopped to get gas. So we got back in the car and drove all the way to Cincinnati and ate lunch. We ate at a Taco Bell. We had no idea what we were getting our selves into. We walked in and it was a little scary. So we got out ASAP! We pulled into a random parking lot and ate our lunch. And so our trip continued. We drove, and drove, and drove, and drove, all the way to the Louisville zoo where my second cousin works. We got to the zoo right at closing time. So we got a tour of the zoo in a golf cart with no one around. Instead of a tour it was more like this is here and this is here as we drove around. Well anyway, we finally got to the good part, (drum role boom, boom, boom, boom!!) petting elephants! It was great. I got to pet the world famous Scotty and his mother Mikki. Just recently they were in the People magazine. As most of you would guess, they were a little rough. When we finished that we hopped back in the golf cart and and started to head back. On the way we were told that they were redoing the polar bear habitat. And what is so exiting about that is the polar bears are at the Cleveland zoo! Now isn't that cool or what! Well we got back in the car after a bathroom break and on the rode again. This time we made it all the way down to the farm, hallelujah! And I stayed up all night and watched TV. The next morning I woke up and ate breakfast, took a shower, brushed my teeth, put deodorant on.......uh oh. I think I forgot something. :) So anyway I went to lunch with Aunt Shaga's BFF and had fun ( trying to sweat as little as possible. After lunch we went to check out the 5K course I am running tomorrow. After that we went to Kroger to get pasta and of course deodorant. We went around Bowling Green KY which were I was. We went around three ( or as you would know as four) to get computer chips and tags for the big race tomorrow. After that we went ahead and went back to the farm. I took a short walk around the farm and that is about it. I will update tomorrow about the race, till then see ya :)


ShaggaBear said...

you forgot about the fact that we were listening to an audio book that made the time go faster! at least for me.

The Downing 5 said...

Good luck on the race! Glad to hear you bought some deoderant! That is important stuff!

Country Girl said...

Good luck on your race. I hope you are having a good time. And I love the picture of you and Abby by the Elephant.