Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So life continues and I just recovered from a throat infection and a fever. I had fun laying in bed and on the couch all day long. I got a little bored. I just finished making my rounds and reading blogs. I have not had much going on.

I went to school today and said to every one that today is a perfect day except for the fact we got about 2 1/2 in. of snow and we didn't get a day off or a even a delay. Other than that I have enjoyed looking at the snow and enjoying it's magnificent beauty and lovely sight. Now I feel in the Christmas mood and it isn't even thanks giving yet. I know I am pathetic, but that is just how I happen the feel.

I have just recently learned that Aunt Rachel will be soon moving to North Carolina?. Quite a drive in my opinion. Well that brings me to the point that I have lately been thinking about, How did all of our family end up in Ohio? Ever since my mother was little, my family would flip flop between West Virginia and Kentucky. Some times Texas and occasional another state or 2. All the time they would always be in WV, KY, or TX but how does Ohio come into the picture?

Well One day, out of the blue, my parents decided to move to the random state of Ohio. So we come up here and we have stayed her for now 13 years. I guess we just convinced Aunt Shagga to come up here from TX. Most of this time my grand parents were in Africa. So now we had 2 families in Ohio out of 5. One random day Aunt Rachel moved up here too, but she had lived here for a little time in the past. 3 down 2 to go. When Nana and Papa retired they moved here too. 4 out of 5. But Uncle Mountain Man never did move up here. So that is how we all ended up in the random state of Ohio. Quite interesting I would say.

I wish something cool will happen so that I will finally have something good to write about. Please, if you have any inspiration, please inspire me!