Monday, July 28, 2008

Happpy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday, as most of you know. I am a dozen years old now and going into seventh grade. Yesterday was my birthday party which was filled with fun. Pretty much just family was there.
The farthest away birthday I remember was 8 years ago, my forth birthday, which was celebrated at Nickle Plate beach on the coast of lake Erie. The only present I remember getting was a Buzz Light Year action figure. I remember having alot of fun that day. My forth birthday party is the one that sicks out to me the most, though I don't know why.
At my 12th party the present that I like the most was a new bed set( bedsheets? Who invited that kid?). No offense to the other people that gave me other wonderful presents that I will no doubt enjoy.
This year I will be doing my first year at middle school. At the beginning of the year I am the same age as most people in my class, but at the end of the year I am usually the youngest in my class:( Some times people are amazed that I am so young and in that grade, at the end of the year.
This Fall I am going to be running Cross Country. Today I have my first practice, I get cramps in the legs just thinking about it. I think it is going to be fun and I hope I enjoy it. Even though running can be painful it's what I love doing. Well until next time this is Thaddeus!