Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kentucky! Part 2

Today I ran the 5K and did okay, not great, just okay. When I was at the starting line, I was with Aunt Shaga. When we set out I lost her and just followed every one else. after about one mile Aunt Shaga caught up to me shortly after I got a side stitch ( a really mad cramp in your side. ) and had to walk it out a bit. Once it finally went I away I started running again. The rest of the race I could see Aunt Shaga in front of me and was steadily getting closer. At the end of the race I tried to sprint but my knees hurt to much. So it happened that Aunt Shaga beat me. :( Well atleast she did good. I didn't great time but I guess it was fine. My time was about 31:something. After the race I went and got my frute snacks and sat around and ate my apples. My wonderful Aunt Kathy and Uncle Chris went home. Me and Aunt Shaga had to stay for a money drawing in 2 hours. How were we going to pass our time! We went ahead and found the car and sat around in it with the nice heater. Oh yeah! While we in the car we went ahead and listened to the book on tape we have been listening to since the beginning of the trip. After aout and hour of that we got out to let Abby to play at the park and to use the porter potty. After about and hour of wandering around a little we went to the money drawing. WE WON NOTHING! So we went ahead back to Aunt Kathy's house. On the way home we stopped at Sonic to get a snack ( that's a southern thing ) and went home. When we got home I went out to drive the gater around. Oh yeah! And I went around all day doing nothing. This evening we went out to eat and we had alot of fun. I will see you all soon, bye.


Country Girl said...

I am so happy for both of you. Even thought you say you did ok i think you did great. You did better then i would. I am sure you ran your best. And i know to you your best is not enough. well hope to see you soon and hear from you soon. Bye


ShaggaBear said...

I won something... I beat you!! :) I'm sure it won't happen again. ;)

The Downing 5 said...

Glad you're having fun - thanks for keeping us all posted on your trip.